Ex7ElseIf - if ((grade < 90) && (grade >= 80))

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Example 7: If-else, if-elseif, This shows only code snippets, not an entire program First problem: If grade is at least 60, print "passed." Otherwise, print "failed." The grade is recorded in the variable grade. This is how you know to do it already: if (grade >= 60) System.out.println("Passed"); if (grade < 60) System.out.println("Failed"); This is our new way to do it: if (grade >= 60) System.out.println("Passed"); // fill in the correct code here System.out.println("Failed"); Okay, how about something harder? Print out the grade, from A to F. This is how you know to do it: if (grade >= 90) System.out.println("A");
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Unformatted text preview: if ((grade < 90) && (grade >= 80)) System.out.println("B"); if ((grade < 80) && (grade >= 70)) System.out.println("C"); if ((grade < 70) && (grade >= 60)) System.out.println("D"); if (grade < 60) System.out.println("F"); This is how you should do it (fill in the correct code): if (grade >= 90) System.out.println("A"); System.out.println("B"); System.out.println("C"); System.out.println("D"); System.out.println("F"); Dangerous use of if – else if (grade >= 60) if (grade < 70) System.out.println("D"); else System.out.println("F"); How will this work?...
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Ex7ElseIf - if ((grade < 90) && (grade >= 80))

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