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CS 64 HW2 - Second Assembly Program Goal: Perform user input / output with assembly Use branches in assembly In this assignment, in order to exercise the branches in MIPS, you will ask the user for four numbers and print out the largest and the smallest of the numbers. Name your file BiggestAndSmallest.asm. You may <b>not</b> use pseudoinstructions other than la. A sample run of this program will look like this: Enter the first number: 5 Enter the second number: 3 Enter the third number: 10 Enter the fourth number -5 Biggest: 10 Smallest: -5 Place your code in a file named BiggestAndSmallest.asm in a directory named hw2
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Unformatted text preview: (in the same directory as you placed PhoneAFriend.asm). Do not forget to put your name after "Name:" in the comments at the top of your code. You will be graded on the accuracy of the output, adherance to the UI in the example above, efficiency of your branches, and the commenting of the code. For commenting, you need to have a header that describes what the program does as well as line comments that tell what each assembly instruction or short set of instructions does. Then turn in your whole directory with: turnin [email protected] hw2...
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