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HW 5 Due Friday, May 8th, 4:45pm in the homework box 1) Boolean simplification f(A,B,C,D) = (AD + /AC)(/B(C + B/D)) a) Draw the circuit using AND, OR, and NOT gates b) Using boolean algebra, minimize the equation c) Draw the resulting circuit 2) Use DeMorgan's law to compute the complement of the following Boolean expressions: a) A(B+CD) b) ABC + B(/C+/D) c) /X + /Y d) X + Y/Z e) X(Y + Z/W + /VS)
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Determine the truth table for the following equation: /( /(X* /(XY)) * /(Y * /(XY))) (that equation represents four NAND gates, one which takes X and Y, another takes the result of the first and X, another takes the result of the first and Y, and the final one takes the result of both intermediate gates. I would draw the circuit, but that's hard in a text file!...
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