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HW5DigDesign - e Draw the resulting circuit f(A,B,C,D...

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HW 5 Due at the beginning of lab when attendance is checked. 1) Use DeMorgan's law to compute the complement of the following Boolean expressions: a) (AB+CD) b) AB!C + B(!C+A!D) c) !X + Y d) X(!Y + Y!Z) e) X(Y + Z!W + !VS) 2)Simplification For each problem, a) Draw the circuit using AND, OR, and NOT gates b) Determine the truth table c) Using boolean algebra, minimize the equation, showing each step d) Using a K-Map, minimize the equation
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Unformatted text preview: e) Draw the resulting circuit f(A,B,C,D) = (AB + /AC)(/B(D + B/C)) f(X,Y) = !( !(X* !(XY)) * !(Y * !(XY))) f(A,B,C) = /AB/C + A/B/C + /A/B/C 3) Design the logic for the overflow bit of an adder. Hint: The inputs are the topmost bits of the inputs and the topmost bit of the result. a) Determine the truth table b) Simplify using either boolean algebra or a K-map c) Draw the resulting circuit...
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