Compile by hand if g h goto less use this mapping

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Unformatted text preview: $t1) #$t1=A[i] add $s1,$s1,$t1 #g=g+A[i] add $s3,$s3,$s4 #i=i+j bne $s3,$s2,Loop# goto Loop # if i!=h Loops in C/Assembly •  There are three types of loops in C: –  while –  do… while –  for •  Each can be rewriien as either of the other two, so the method used in the previous example can be applied to while and for loops as well. •  Key Concept: Though there are mul4ple ways of wri4ng a loop in MIPS, condi4onal branch is key to decision making Inequali4es in MIPS •  Un4l now, we’ve only tested equali4es (== and != in C). General programs need to test < and > as well. •  Create a MIPS Inequality Instruc4on: – “Set on Less Than” – Syntax: slt reg1,reg2,reg3 – Meaning: if (reg2 < reg3) reg1 = 1; else reg1 = 0; – In general, “set” means “set to 1”, “reset” means “set to 0”. Inequali4es in MIPS •  How do we use this? •  Compile by hand: –  if (g < h) goto Less; •  Use this...
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