Register2 goto l1 called condional branches mips goto

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Unformatted text preview: r2) goto L1 bne register1, register2, L1 (condi4onal branch) if (register1!=register2) goto L1 j L1 (uncondi4onal branch) goto L1 slt reg1,reg2,reg3 if (reg2 < reg3) reg1 = 1; else reg1 = 0; MIPS Decision Instruc4ons • Decision instruc4on in MIPS: – beq register1, register2, L1 – beq is “Branch if (registers are) equal” Same meaning as (using C): if (register1==register2) goto L1 • Complementary MIPS decision instruc4on – bne register1, register2, L1 – bne is “Branch if (registers are) not equal” Same meaning as (using C): if (register1!=register2) goto L1 • Called condi:onal branches MIPS Goto Instruc4on •  In addi4on to condi4onal branches, MIPS has an uncondi4onal branch: j label •  Called a Jump Instruc4on: jump (or branch) directly to the given label without needing to sa4sfy any condi4on •  Same meaning as (using C): goto label •  Technically, it’s the...
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