Slt t0 s0 s1 t01 sltu t1 s0 s1 t10

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Unformatted text preview: mapping: –  g: $s0, h: $s1 Inequali4es in MIPS •  Final compiled MIPS code: slt $t0,$s0,$s1 # $t0 = 1 if g<h bne $t0,$0,Less # goto Less # if $t0!=0 # (if (g<h)) Less: •  Branch if $t0 != 0 (g < h) – Register $0 always contains the value 0, so bne and beq ooen use it for comparison aoer an slt instruc4on. Inequali4es in MIPS •  Now, we can implement <, but how do we implement >, <= and >= ? •  We could add 3 more instruc4ons, but: –  MIPS goal: Simpler is Beier •  Can we implement <= in one or more instruc4ons using just slt and the branches? •  What about >? •  What about >=? Immediates in Inequali4es •  There is also an immediate version of slt to test against constants: slti C! M
 S! – Helpful in for loops if (g >= 1) goto Loop Loop: . . . slti $t0,$s0,1 # $t0 = 1 if #$s0<1 (g<1) beq $t0,$0,Loop # goto Loop # if $t0==0 # (if (g>=1)) What about unsigned numbers? • there are unsigned inequality instruc4ons: sltu, sltiu • which set result to 1 or 0 depending on unsigned comparisons •  $s0 = 0xFFFF FFFA, $ s1 = 0x0000 FFFA •...
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