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% Matlab diary from cs110a class #10, Jan 26 2005. % % This is what I typed in class. % % Type it into Matlab yourself to % reproduce the output I showed. load temperature A=A100; spy(A) R = chol(A); nnz(A) nnz(R) spy(R) p = randperm(10000); p(1:100) B = A(p,p); nnz(B) spy(B) %% R = chol(B) % Don't try this, it takes too long!
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Unformatted text preview: help analyze clc analyze(A) analyze(B) p = symamd(A); size(p) p(1:10) B = A(p,p); nnz(B) spy(B) R = chol(B); nnz(R) spy(R) analyze(B) analyze(A) clc help surfer [U,G] = surfer('http://cs.ucsb.edu',100); load ucsbweb whos U G size(G) spy(G)...
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