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CMPSCI 177 - Computer Security Fall 2011 Second Homework - Internet Security Due: 6 OCT 11 2:00pm 1. What is the difference between a MACaddress and an IP address? 2. In the three-way handshakethat initiates a TCP connection, if the SYN request has sequence number 157945011 and the SYN-ACK reply has sequence number 887394023, what are the sequence and acknowl- edgment numbers for the ACK response? 3. Use nmap to determine what hosts are up on subnetwork 128.111.43. What is this type of scan called?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Using the results of question 3, choose a host name that starts with the same letter as your last name, and use nmap to determine what TCP services are available on that host. If there is no host whose name begins with the first letter of your last name, then choose a host whose name is alphabetically closest to your last name. 5. Use the traceroute tool to determine the hosts that are on the path from your computer to ss.pku.edu.cn....
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