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CMPSCI 177 - Computer Security Fall 2011 Sixth Homework - Security Principles, Security Policies, and Malware Due: 15 NOV1 12:00pm Part I: Security Principles 1. What is the difference between the Fail-safe Defaults principle and the Least Privilege principle? Your answer should be VERYexplicit. Part II: Security Policies In Bishop’ stext, section 4.5.1, he discusses what should be included in a general University Acceptable Use Policy. I would likeyou to locate the College of Engineering Acceptable Use Policy, read it, and then briefly (but explicitly) discuss whether or not it includes all of the things that Bishop discusses in the text. Also, if it includes things that were not discussed in Bishop, tell whyyou think these things are or are not important to include.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Answer question 1 at the end of Chapter 6 in Bishop’s text. Part III: Malware 1. As a virus writer, giv e three techniques that you would use to make your virus more difficult to detect. Briefly explain each of the techniques. 2. Someone suggests a worm defense system that is based on the idea of throttling. With throttling, each machine in a network can connect to at most n other, different hosts (IP addresses) in t seconds (typical val-ues are n = 10 and t = 120 seconds). Connections to any other than the first n machines are blocked (dropped) during the period t. Name a legitimate application that is likely to be negatively affected by this system and briefly discuss your answer. 3. You are developing a worm that uses a random number generator to generate IP addresses of potential victims that the worm scans. What do you use to seed this random number generator once your worm has infected a new host?...
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