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hw8 - between the departments labeled A through K(A to C(B...

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CMPSCI 177 - Computer Security Fall 2011 Eighth Homework - Lattice Model Due: OPTIONAL - Answers posted 2 DEC 11 2:00pm Suppose that you are hired as the Security Officer for companyBlowBy International, which neve rhad a security officer before. Totry and determine what the existing undocumented security policyisyou inter- viewthe supervisors in each of the areas of the companytodetermine what the allowable interdepartmental
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Unformatted text preview: between the departments labeled A through K. (A to C), (B to D), (C to D), (D to F), (D to G), (E to F), (E to G), (F to H), (G to J), (H to K), (K to I), (I to F) 1. Give a graphical representation of the information flow policy, where an arrow from node A to node B indicates that information is allowed to flow from Department A to Department B. 2. Give all the reasons why this graph is not a lattice? 3. Convert the graph to a lattice....
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