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pers - Any work experience If you are a graduate student...

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CMPSCI 177 - Computer Security and Privacy Fall 2011 Educational Background Questionnaire Please answer (legibly) the following questions. Name: _____________________________________________ Year in school: ___________________________________ Major: ____________________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________ Computer Science Courses taken at UCSB: Computer Science Courses taken elsewhere:
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Unformatted text preview: Any work experience: If you are a graduate student please answer the following questions in addition to those above. When graduated: What degree(s): Where graduated from: Major(s): On a scale of 0 (no knowledge) to 6 (expert) rate your knowledge and skills in the following: _____ Multics _____ Unix _____ Java _____ Python _____ SQL _____ Operating Systems _____ Networks _____ Databases...
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