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HW2 - Homework Assignment 2 Due Date 6th May 2009 1 ,...

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Homework Assignment 2 Due Date: 6 th May, 2009 1) In the uncoordinated checkpointing, each process takes its local  checkpoint as well as record the checkpoint index and checkpoint  interval as discussed in Section 13.4.1 (pages 464-465) of the  text book. On failure, the recovering process initiates rollback  by broadcasting a dependency request message to collect  all the  dependency   information   maintained   by   each   process.   When   a  process   receives   this   message,   it   stops   its   execution,   and  replies   with   its   dependency   information.   The   initiator   then  calculates the recovery line based on all the replies.  Develop an algorithm to calculate the recovery line from all the  dependency requests. 2) The coordinated checkpoint algorithm as outlined in the class  runs   in  two  phases.   In  the   first   phase  all   processes  take  a 
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