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cs240a-ProjectInstructions - • What do I need to do •...

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CS 240A Final Project What is it? Significant parallel implementation / experiment by team of students Performance / tuning will be part of grade Can parallelize existing serial code (from research, public domain, etc.) Can leverage your other classes or research (but check with me first) See web page for some ideas Teams? What teams? Two or three people each Interdisciplinary (at least two departments represented on each team)
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Unformatted text preview: • What do I need to do? • Web page: evolving description of project status and results • Proposal: web link, team members, topic, one page, due May 2 • Progress report: one page, due May 16 • Presentation: 15 minutes, in class, May 25 or June 1 • Demo: 15 minutes, in GSL, June 3 • Paper: about 10 pages, due June 6...
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