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Figures 11-12 C.2. Neuromuscular junction (excitation contraction sequence): Figure 11-13 C.3. Transmission of signal to filaments: Figure 12-11 CHAPTER 12: MUSCLES (SKELETAL MUSCLE) --------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Mechanisms of contraction --------------------------------------------------------------------- Muscle fatigue : Repeated activation of muscles causes fatigue. During prolonged muscle activation there is a reduction in the force producing capacity of a muscle fiber known as fatigue. Force reduction has been attributed to reduced Ca ++ release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum, reduced Ca ++ sensitivity of myofilaments and reduced maximum Calcium-activated tension (regulated by troponin). These are thought to be linked to reduction in intracellular pH and increase in intracellular phosphate as a result of increased metabolism. Increases in extracelluar K + can interfere with depolarization and transmission of the action potential down
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