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A. Skeletal muscle reflexes. ----------------------------------------------------- A.1. Introduction : •The sensory systems provide an internal representation of the outside world. A major function of this representation is to extract the information that is necessary to guide the movements that make up our behaviour. •The motor systems transform neural information into physical energy (in contrast to the sensory systems). This is achieved by issuing commands that are transmitted by the brain stem and spinal cord to the skeletal muscles. •The skeletal muscles translate this neural information into contractile force that produces movements. Nervous reflex pathways can be classified in different ways : Efferent division of nervous system: somatic; autonomic; visceral Location of reflex integration: spinal or cranial Learned or innate Number of neurons in pathway: monosynaptic or polysynaptic (Fig. 13-1a) . Polysynaptic pathways can have convergence or divergence
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