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Unformatted text preview: Golgi tendon organ Both receptors are distributed extensively throughout most skeletal muscles. A.4.1. Muscle spindles: Fig. 13-4, 13-5 They are mechanoreceptors that are specialized in transducing stretch of the muscle. Structure:- They are elongated, encapsulated structures ranging from 4 to 10 mm in length within the fleshy portion of the muscles. - They are parallel to the striated muscle fibres. - Each muscle spindle has 3 main components: A group of specialized muscle fibres, Sensory axons that terminate on the muscle fibres, Motor axons that regulate the sensitivity of the spindle. i. Intrafusal muscle fibers: These muscle fibers are specialized and are called intrafusal muscle fibres to distinguish them from ordinary skeletal muscle fibres. They are smaller than regular skeletal muscle fibres and do not contribute significant force to muscle contraction. Their central region has very few myofibrils and is essentially non-contractile. Only their polar regions actively contract. region has very few myofibrils and is essentially non-contractile....
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