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- action potentials in smooth muscle membrane - depolarization is due to Ca ++ influx instead of Na + - cytosolic Ca ++ levels are altered by regulating permeability to ECF Ca ++ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 15: BLOOD FLOW AND THE CONTROL OF BLOOD PRESSURE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Blood Pressure ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fig. 15-8 - Mean arterial pressure is a function of cardiac output and resistance in the arterioles: Mean Arterial Pressure: MAP = CO x R(arterioles); R(arterioles) = total peripheral resistance = TPR therefore MAP = CO x TPR; This is similar to Ohm's law V = I x R, expanding MAP = Hr x SV x TPR MAP can also be estimated from SBP and DBP as: MAP = DPB + (1/3) (SBP - DBP) Fig. 15-9 - BP control involves both the cardiovascular (fast response) and renal (slow response) systems. We will focus on the cardiovascular system blood pressure control (Baroreflex)
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