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E. Distribution of Blood in the Tissues ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Constriction of blood vessels can control blood flow into various regions of the body ( ) as well sphincters can open or close capillary beds ( Fig. 15-15 ). --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 17: RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY --------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Organization of the respiratory system (pages 560-564). --------------------------------------------------------------- A. Organization of the respiratory system. Anatomy of the respiratory system (summary) Fig. 17-2 . Bones (ribs) and muscles (intercostal, diaphragm, etc) surround the lungs. The lungs are enclosed in the pleural sacs (page 551), Fig. 17-3 . The airways of the conducting system: Pharynx, larynx, trachea, primary blonchi, bronchioles (
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Unformatted text preview: Fig. 17-4 : branching of the airways). The alveoli are the site of gas exchange. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------B. Gas Laws (pages 565-567). --------------------------------------------------------------- Gases are exchanged with the pulmonary circulation. The pulmonary circulation is a high flow, low pressure system. Table 17-1 : Gas Laws. Dalton's law of partial pressures: Table 17-2 : Partial pressures of some atmospheric gases. Gases move from an area of high pressure to low pressure. Pressure volume relationships (Boyle's Law). Solubility of a gas in a liquid. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 17: RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY---------------------------------------------------------------------------Gas composition in the alveoli...
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