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Effect of changing alveolar ventilation on PO 2 and PCO 2 in the alveoli Fig. 17-15 . Bronchiole and arteriole diameter can be controlled by local concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide: Table 17-7, Fig. 17-16 . --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 18: Gas exchange and Transport --------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Gas exchange in the Lung and in the Tissues --------------------------------------------------------------- The partial pressure gradient is the primary factor influencing gas exchange: Gases in solution ( Fig 18-2 ) At sea level, where air pressure is 760 mm Hg, alveolar PO 2 is 100 mm Hg and PCO 2 is 40 mm Hg. This is in equilibrium with arterial blood. Oxygen diffuses into and carbon dioxide out of the tissues due to the concentration gradient between the cells and the blood (Figure 18-3) . ** Make sure you know all of the values in this figure ** Causes of hypoxia and Examples (Table 18-2)
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