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- filtered load of particular substance = filtration rate x plasma concentration of substance Regulation of Glomerular Filtration Rate: The efferent arteriole is smaller than the afferent thereby causing the pressure needed for Filtration. The afferent arteriole under normal situations is fully dilated and therefore cannot contribute to increased GFR, but is critical to decreasing GFR. GFR is regulated by Paracrines, Hormones and the Nervous system Regulation of GFR can be divided into autoregulation mechanisms that are at work constantly and reflex control mechanisms that kick when homeostasis is threatened. Autoregulation: Myogenic response : with an increase in BP smooth muscle in the arteriole wall contracts due stretch. ( See figure 19-7, 19-8: GFR vs MAP ) Tubuloglomerular feedback (Figure 19-10): fluid flow in the distal tubule influences GFT. At the distal tubule passes between the afferent and efferent arterioles at the Juxtaglomerular Apparatus , JGA (combination of the macula densa
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