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follows Na + by osmosis movement of Na + and other co-transported solutes out of lumen and into the epithelial cell redistributes the total solute concentration between the lumen and epithelial cell creates an osmotic flow of H 2 0 out of lumen and into epithelial cell via open water channels or via a paracellular pathway by crossing the tight junction that bind adjoining epithelial cells highest permeability in proximal tubule, less permeable in loop of Henle and distal tubule. Hormonal Regulation of Water Re-absorption : (Figure 20-3, 20-4, 20-5, 20-6, 20-7; Table 20-1) ADH (anti-diuretic hormone: also called vasopressin ) from posterior pituitary (Figure 20-7) ADH stimulates production of proteins that compose H 2 0 channels in the collecting duct via cAMP cascade (Figure 20-6) increased ADH ==> increase H 2 0 re-absorption (Figure 20-5, 20-8) alcohol decreases ADH secretion osmoreceptors in the hypothalamus regulate ADH secretion (Figure 20-7) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 20: FLUID AND ELECTROLYTE BALANCE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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