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increased aldosterone => increased Na + reabsorption in common collecting duct acts to increase production of proteins that compose the Na + channels and protein that compose Na + /K + ATPase Potassium : majority is re-absorbed in the proximal tubule and loop of Henle K + secreted into collecting duct increased aldosterone concentration when K + concentrations increase in the ECF of the adrenal cortex (Figure 20-13) K + secretion occurs due to an intracellular build-up in epithelial cells of collecting duct of K + due to increased activity of Na + /K + ATPase pump K + then diffuses out of epithelial cell and into lumen (secretion) Blood volume and pressure, sodium and potassium balance (summary: Figure 20-18) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Acid-Base Balance: Hydrogen Ion (Figure 20-18, 20-19) (Don't forget that respiratory compensation also occurs for metabolic acidosis and alkalosis : Figure 20-20, Table20-2 ) The kidney can also compensate for respiratory acidosis and alkalosis (Figure 20-21, 20-22, 20-23) .
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