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Unformatted text preview: Anatomy : Figure 21-2. Motility: Figures 21-3, 21-4. ------------------------------------------------------------- B. Secretion, Digestion and absorption------------------------------------------------------------- CARBOHYDRATE digestion: Carbohydrates are digested to monosaccharides: amylase, disaccharidases (Figure 21-6) Lactose intolerance: Based on the fact that adult lactose tolerance is apparently the result of a mutant gene, lactose intolerance could be considered the “normal” state and lactose tolerance the “abnormal” state. The mutation probably provided an adaptive advantage to populations who developed dairy-based cultures. In addition to northern Europeans, these include some Middle Eastern and African tribes that are lactose tolerant as adults and have a dairy-oriented culture. See article by F.J. Simoons in Digestive Diseases 23 (11): 963-980. 1978. Recent statistics for the U.S. show these approximate percentages of ethnic groups who are lactose-intolerant: Native American - 95%; Asian-American - 90%; African-American - 70%; Jewish...
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