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Information on your Project(1)

Information on your Project(1) - Information on your...

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Information on your Project – RSM 330, Fall 2011 The goal of the project is for you to learn more about investments in an active and creative way. To achieve that goal, you will manage a $C 1 million investment portfolio , using at least two investment strategies that interest you & others in your group. You must cope with some uncertainty because you have to research and decide on your strategies and implement them in an uncertain market. Remember that everyone faces the same uncertainty! This note provides guidelines and suggestions to help you get started. First of all, the project must be independent work, done by members of your group. I will not join your group to discuss precisely what you should do. Think carefully and brainstorm ideas with your group members. Be confident and use your own judgment. Read the requirements described below in the “What is required?” section of this note. . Start using the Rotman Portfolio Manager (RPM). Learn to use the system and practice trades & stock screens etc as soon as possible. Note: You do not have to go to the Finance Lab to use RPM. You can do this on your own computer once you have downloaded the software. Use the “Rotman Portfolio Manager - Quick Start Guide” posted on Blackboard to download the software, open your group account and get started. Your class password has been posted on Blackboard. In your September 22 class Kevin Mak will demonstrate the features of the Rotman Portfolio Manager and Capital IQ. It is important that you produce a good, professional write-up for your final report. I will look for good answers to the following four questions: 1. What did you do? What investment strategies did you use? 2. What was the rationale for what you did? How and why do these strategies work.
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