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KIN 205: Chapter 14, Cardiovascular Physiology: D.4 Action potential in cardiac striated muscle cell: The resting potential is stable at -90 mV Phase 0: Voltage-gated Na + channels open (influx of Na + ), rapid depolarization, increase in Na+ permeability. Phase 1: Peak of action potential (+20 mV), closing of voltage-gated Na + channels, K + exits via open K + channels. Phase 2:
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Unformatted text preview: Plateau. This is the result of: h a decrease in K + permeability (fast K + channels close), h an increase in Ca 2+ permeability (Ca 2+ channels open) Phase 3: End of plateau as Ca 2+ channels close and K + permeability increases once more (opening of slow K + channels). Phase 4: Exit of K + brings back the membrane potential -90 mV. Figure 14-13...
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