lec19-11 - ↓ O 2 ↑ CO 2 ↑ H ↑ K Paracrines from...

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Vasoconstrict Angiotensin II Vasodilate Epinephrine (adrenal medulla) on b2 receptors Hormonal Vasodilate Atrial natriuretic peptide Vasoconstrict Sympathetic (NE on α receptor) Nervous Reflex control Vasodilate Vasoconstrict Nitric oxide, histamine, adenosine Endothelins Parcrine signal molecules Vasodilate
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Unformatted text preview: ↓ O 2 , ↑ CO 2 , ↑ H + , ↑ K + Paracrines from metabolism Vasoconstrict ↑ Stretch of wall due to ↑ pressure Myogenic activity Response Mechanism Type Control of arteriolar diameter. (see Table 15-2) KIN 205: Chapter 11, Peripheral nervous system:...
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