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lec21-12 - of some atmospheric gases(total P 760 mm Hg dry...

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KIN 205: Chapter 17, Respiratory Physiology: B. Gas Laws (pages 503-506). Gases are exchanged with the pulmonary circulation. The pulmonary circulation is a high flow, low pressure system. Table 17-1: Gas Laws. head2right Dalton's law of partial pressures (Table 17-2):
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Unformatted text preview: of some atmospheric gases. (total P: 760 mm Hg) dry wet Nitrogen: 80% : 593 mm Hg 575 mm Hg Oxygen: 20% : 160 mm Hg 152 mm Hg Carbon dioxide: 0.03% : 0.25 mm Hg 0.24 mm Hg Water vapour : 0 mm Hg 23.8 mm Hg B. Gas Laws (pages 565-567)....
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