lec22-16 - * Dead space volume is assumed to be 150 mL KIN...

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Table 17-4 Effects of Breathing Pattern on Alveolar Ventilation. Fresh Air to Alveoli (mL) Tidal Volume (mL) Respiratory Rate Total Pulmonary (tidal volume - Alveolar (Breaths/min) Ventilation (mL) dead space volume*) ventilation (mL)
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Unformatted text preview: * Dead space volume is assumed to be 150 mL KIN 205: Chapter 17, Respiratory Physiology: •500-(normal) 12-(normal) 6000 350 4200 •300-(shallow) 20-(rapid) 6000 150 3000 •750-(deep) 8---(slow) 6000 600 4800...
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