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lec22-17 - Shallow breathing Asthma Restrictive lung...

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KIN 205: Chapter 17, Respiratory Physiology: Table 17-5 Types and Patterns of Ventilation. Name Description Examples Eupnea Normal quiet breathing Hyperpnea Increased respiratory rate and / or volume Exercise in response to increase metabolism Hyperventilation Increased respiratory rate and / or volume Emotional hyperventilation without increased metabolism Blowing up a balloon Hypoventilation Decreased alveolar ventilation
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Unformatted text preview: Shallow breathing, Asthma; Restrictive lung disease Tachypnea Rapid breathing; usually increased Panting respiratory rate with decreased depth Dyspnea Difficulty breathing (a subjective feeling Various pathologies or sometimes described as “air hunger” hard exercise. Apnea Cessation of breathing Voluntary breath-holding Depression of CNS control centre....
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