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Diving05 - 5 Oxygen Poisoning Occurs when the inspired P02...

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Unformatted text preview: 5. Oxygen Poisoning Occurs when the inspired P02 exceeds 1520 mm Hg for longer than 30-60 minutes Effects: - irritation of respiratory passages which progresses to pneumonia if exposure continues - muscle twitching - confusion, nausea - convulsions 6. Mask Sgueeze The term "squeeze" can be applied to all the troubles that pressure can cause during descent, as a result of pressure differentials between two structures or spaces. Mask should cover eyes and nose so that pressure inside the mask can be equalized with the outside ambient pressure during descent by occasionally blowing air out the nose. If pressure is not equalized, a relative vacuum is created within the mask --> blood vessels in and around the eyes rupture as the eyes bulge out of their sockets. Don't dive below 8 feet when wearing goggles 7. Middle Ear Sgueeze Eustachian tube - a small membrane lined passage connecting the middle ear cavity and the back of the throat Purpose - equilibrate the pressure within the ear cavity with the outside by transferring air to or from the lungs If the eustachian tube is either partially or totally blocked (anatomical problem or respiratory infection), increasing pressure against the eardrum during descent is not met by an equal force from the interior 9 a relative vacuum is created in the middle ear 9 hemorrhage of tissues in the middle ear (equalization of pressure by bleeding) and possible rupture of the eardrum Symptoms - pain in the ears after descending only a few feet. Pain rapidly becomes severe as the descent continues ...
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