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Ergonomics05 - Ergonomics they are washed However even the...

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Unformatted text preview: Ergonomics they are washed. However, even the location of major appliances comes under the scrutiny of the ergonomist. An easy traffic flow pattern is fundamental in the layout of an efiicient kitchen. The “work triangle” for the refrigerator, stove, and sink is the most frequently incorporated feature in kitchen design (Figure 8—4). This triangle takes into consideration the distance between the major appliances and working surfaces in the kitchen. In Figure 8—4, the most efficient kitchen layout is shown in design “B”, because the wOrk triangle in this design yields the shortest travel distance to go from the sink to the stove, to the refrigerator, and then back to the stove- Counter height is also an im- portant design component in kitchens. The optimal height for working sur- faces, including the maximum depth of sinks, need to be carefully con- sidered in relation to the tasks performed at the surface itself. The modern kitchen may have a centre island that incorporates different working sur- face heights for different tasks. 7 ‘ " ' Figure 8.4: A standard kitchen layout with the “work triangle” for major appliances. The most efficient “triangle” has the shortest distance, without intersecting lines. Handles and HandtoOIS—Design for Safety and Injury Prevention What is the function of the handle of a tool? Its major purpose is to transfer muscular force to the object grasped. Handle design often has to consider optimum transmission of force from an individual to an object. In some cases, force has to be transmitted from the grip of the whole hand or from a grip manipulated between the thumb and the forefinger. Factors that have to be incorporated into handle design include: 0 the direction that force has to be applied (i.e., the design of a screw- driver to allow the force from the hand and the handle to act in the . same direction) _ ' ' . - 0 the shape to the fingers or grip of an individual 0 the surface quality of the handle so that it is neither too slippery nor too - abrasive " _______________________,__.___.——_———»——— 171 ...
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