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Ergonomics08 - Unit Eight One specific example of how...

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Unformatted text preview: Unit Eight -' One specific example of how standing-and sitting posture can affect the health and integrity of the lower back'is illustrated in the following graph (Figure 8—6). It shows'that pressure .on'ye'rtebral discs (spongy material that acts as a shock absorber between the fyertebrae) in the lumbar spine is . lower in standing than in unsupported sitting." In different unsupported sitting postures, the lowest pressure is found When Sitting with a' straight back" Othef's’tudies have shown that an important factor in reducing low back pain from prolonged sitting" is the design of the backrest of a chair. 500 400 I’M; Newtons , - u D o Standing Sitting Relaxed Relaxed Straight a! use relaxed ‘ ‘arrns lee! un- ‘ . . Vsupponeg supported Figure 8-6 Disc pressure measurements infstanding and unsupported sitting postures. (Adapted are Cfistfis $59."! Assesses, 19854.. Figure 9-12?» ‘ , .Erorn the above examples you can see that the study of ergonomics incorporates training from'several areas 'of science, engineering, and de- sign to proVide Solutions'to how work can made safer, more comfortable, and more satisfying; Whether the workplace is in the home or in industry, a'comprehensive solution considers the Worker and the surrounding en- vironment. ‘ The ergonomist strives to improve the working condition, while minimizing cost and maximizing productivity. - References Chaffin, D.B., and Andersson. G. (1984). Occupational biomechanics. Toronto: John Wiley. 1 Pheasant, S. (1986). 'Bodyspace: Anthropometry, ergonomics, and design. Philadelphia: Taylor and Francis). ' 174 ...
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