Syllabus%20Spring%202008 - Epidemiology 10:832:335 Spring...

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Epidemiology 10:832:335 – Spring 2008 T Th 2:50 to 4:10, HH A7 Instructor: Professor Dona Schneider Office: Edward J. Bloustein School, Room 554 Phone: 732-932-4101 x682 Email: Office Hours: Monday noon to 2 pm and by arrangement Course Description: This course covers the principles and methods of epidemiology, the study of the distribution and determinants (causes) of disease and injury in human populations. Upon completion of the course, students will have an understanding of study design, will be able to calculate outcome measures, and will be able to critically read the public health literature and evaluate the results of the epidemiologic studies. Textbook: Friis and Sellers Epidemiology for Public Health Practice, 3 rd Ed. ISBN 0-7637-3170-6 Other Course Materials on Sakai (access with your Eden account): A study guide A calendar of class lecture topics, homework assignments and examination dates Lecture note pages containing the PowerPoint slides used in lecture (Print these out and bring them with you to class) A Webliography Grading: Assignments 10 assignments (worksheets and written critiques) for 10% of the final grade Hourlies 2 exams that count for 20% of the final grade (10% each) Midterm 30% of the final grade (cumulative) Final exam 40% of the final grade (cumulative) Grading is based on the timely and correct submission of assignments, as well as performance on two hourly examinations, a midterm, and a final. While the hourly exams cover recent information, the midterm and final exams are cumulative and include all information covered in class lectures, the text and the additional readings on Sakai. Final grades, but not examination grades, will be curved. Guidelines for Assignments Assignments that involve calculations should be completed in pencil. Please show all work to ensure full credit for the assignment. Correct answers alone will not be given full credit. Homework assignments that say “write”
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This note was uploaded on 04/06/2008 for the course PUBLIC HEA 832:335 taught by Professor Schneider during the Spring '08 term at Rutgers.

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Syllabus%20Spring%202008 - Epidemiology 10:832:335 Spring...

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