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Unformatted text preview: Approximate schedule of lectures Sept. 22 Organization and microeconomics review Week 1 Sept. 27, Sept. 29 Review: Competitive and non‐competitive markets Week 2 Review: Externalities & property rights Oct. 4, 6 Review: Intertemporal choice Week 3 Forestry: Models of growth and harvest age decision Oct. 11, 13 Forest resources: Rotation age, land use and timber supply Week 4 Forest resources: Forest policy issues in U.S Oct. 18, 20 Deforestation: Sources and policies Week 5 Nonrenewables1: Introduction, concepts, basic model Oct. 25, 27 Nonrenewables: Analytics of Hotelling model Week 6 Nonrenewables: Climate change, common pools, ANWR Nov. 1, 3 Midterm Exam (Nov. 1) Week 7 Nonrenewables: Mitigating env. impacts, ownership risk Nov. 8, 10 Fisheries: Introduction, concepts, biological growth Fisheries: Open access and sole owner equilibria Week 8 Nov. 15, 17 Fisheries: Traditional regulation vs. ITQs Week 9 Fisheries: Co‐ops, TURFs, habitat protection, aquaculture Nov. 22 Fisheries: Rights‐based mgt., cont.; aquaculture Week 10 Nov. 29, Dec. 1 Biodiversity: Policy options Week 11 Biodiversity: Values and priorities and ‘Finale’ Dec. 5 Review session (12:00‐1:00) Final Exam (1:00‐3:00) 1 Nonrenewables will be covered on final exam, not on midterm. ...
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