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Monetary Economics – Econ 135 Prof. Henning Bohn Money and monetary policy have profound effects on the economy and on financial markets. In this class, we will examine how the Federal Reserve makes monetary policy and how it affects interest rates, inflation, the national and world economy, and financial institutions. The course builds on Intermediate Macroeconomics: Econ 101 is an essential prerequisite (or Econ 105, or an equivalent course elsewhere). Class Page : http://www.econ.ucsb.edu/~bohn/135/135index.html The class page has the course requirements, copies of slides, and other information, including exam dates and office hours. Assignments and their due dates are posted on GauchoSpace. You are expected to monitor the class page throughout the quarter for updates, changes, and other news. Information posted on the class page is considered known without further announcements in class.
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Unformatted text preview: Contact information : My office is in NH 3016. Phone: 893-4532. E-mail: [email protected] ; always put "Econ 135" in the subject line. For the record: No make-up exams are given, except in case of a serious and well documented illness, in which case I should be informed as soon as possible, through the Economics Department office if necessary. No late assignments are accepted for any reason. If you are a student with a disability and would like to discuss special academic accommodations, please contact me during office hours. The sale or posting of notes and other class materials is not permitted. Required Readings 1. Mishkin, The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets 2. Financial News: Wall Street Journal, bloomberg.com, or equivalent source. 3. Supplemental readings posted on the class page....
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