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1 More Information about Econ 135: The Monetary Economics Diary The “diary” will give you a chance to work with macroeconomic and financial news and data and be rewarded for it. The diary will have two types of entries, a news analysis and a financial record entry, as explained below. Due dates are posted on GauchoSpace . Planning and Formatting: Three entries of each type are required . News analysis entries can be done any time during the assignment period—best start reading early. Financial records entries cannot be done until the data are available. See GauchoSpace for deadlines. • Entries must be submitted via GauchoSpace and should be organized as follows: (1) The reference(s) to your news entry, with web link if your sources are online. (2) The text of your news entry. (3) The closing quotes used for your financial records entry. (4) The total returns for the seven financial instruments. (5) Optional: Comments on returns and detailed calculations. • Hint: Best write your entry offline and paste it into the GauchoSpace text editor. Important rules : No information sharing. You must find your own news stories and your own data. Whereas some collaboration is allowed for the problem sets (see instructions there), no cooperation of any kind is allowed for the diary. Copying from other students is cheating. Copying from print or online references without citation is cheating. (See the note on academic integrity at the end.) Cite all sources , notably the sources for your return data and for news stories, and for commentary or analysis you may have read. You may comment on opinion pieces, provided you distinguish your arguments from those of the sources. • If you have questions or would like feedback about your entries, please see me during office hours. While I do respond to e-mails about other class questions, I don’t have the time to provide written feedback on diary entries—there are just too many. Substantive instructions
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135diary - More Information about Econ 135 The Monetary...

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