135problems - Problem Sets - Econ 135 Prof. Henning Bohn...

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Problem Sets - Econ 135 Prof. Henning Bohn Organization : Due dates are announced on GauchoSpace. Because you may miss one assignment, no excuses and no late submissions are accepted under any circumstances. If you submit all assignments (problems and diary), the lowest score is dropped. Solutions will be posted on GauchoSpace. Objectives : The problems set are primarily an opportunity for you to learn, a chance to make mistakes and learn from them. Hence points are given mostly as incentive/reward for learning effort, not for perfection. In other words, leaving a question unanswered will usually cost points, whereas I often give full credit even if there are a few wrong answers in a carefully written submission. Some questions are from the book, others are old exam questions. I have occasionally used (modified) problem questions in the exam. (For additional practice, several of the lecture notes include optional practice problems. These are just for practice, not for credit, and no written answers are available. Ask me in the office hour if you have questions about them.) Rules on Cooperation : Though independent work is most desirable, sometimes cooperation in problem sets facilitates learning. Hence you may help each other with the problem set or work as a group, but subject to two important rules: 1. All cooperation must be disclosed as follows: All parties must write “Teamwork with. ..” at the top of their submissions. 2. After discussing a problem, everyone must write down the answers in his/her own words. To be clear: Cooperation without disclosure is cheating; copying other students’ written answers is always cheating; and cooperation is only allowed for problem sets, not for the diary or any other work. Note on MyEconLab : Mishkin’s publisher has a website with additional problems, some of which are similar to the end-of-chapter problems. The website can be helpful and you may use it, but it is not required. I do not endorse it, in part because it trains pattern-recognition rather than true understanding, and in part because I have seen too many students come to me with “answers” from MyEconLab that turned out to be wrong or misleading. Special request
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135problems - Problem Sets - Econ 135 Prof. Henning Bohn...

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