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135readings - More Information about Econ 135 Suggestions...

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More Information about Econ 135: Suggestions on Readings and Class Preparation Do the required readings before class—this is expected, and it is essential to benefit fully from the class. Start with the textbook chapter or lecture note (as much as you understand) and skim the introduction/short readings on the class page. Then come to class, best with questions. If something remains unclear, please ask. I do like questions—and I tend to move more quickly if there are none. After class, review the required readings in detail and do the practice problems. You are generally responsible for the required readings even if not everything was covered in class. (Exceptions would be announced in class.) And don’t fall behind—most classes will build on previous ones. The recommended and optional readings are not required – some are useful to reinforce class material (often labeled recommended), some as guide to further reading in case a topic catches your interest (often labeled optional). The reason I provided these readings is that for some important issues, there is simply
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