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HW06_Econ140A_2011Fall - Economics 140A Fall 2011 Professor...

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Economics 140A Fall 2011 Professor Startz Homework 6 Part I Use the data set UWLAW2000.wf1 for this homework. To be sure you have valid data set the sample with smpl if gpa<=4 and lsat>99 and lsat<200 The variable ADMIT is a dummy for whether an applicant was admitted to the UW law school in 2000. GPA gives the person’s GPA. Let’s build a model of the admissions process. 1. Regress ADMIT on GPA and a constant. What do you get? Does the sign of the coefficient on GPA make sense? Use the forecast button to forecast ADMIT. Now select GPA, ADMIT, and the forecast value. Open a group and draw a scatter diagram with GPA on the X axis (You may have to fiddle a little with the order of the variables in the SPEC view to get this right. The X-axis variable needs to come first.) Eyeballing the graph, how does the difference between a 3.5 and a 4.0 GPA affect the probability of admission. Does the prediction for a 2.5 GPA make sense?
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