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143core20 - ‘56 MVC(Pastures shown in figure 14.1 E...

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Unformatted text preview: ‘56 MVC (Pastures shown in figure 14.1) E Recius ébdominis I Extublique [I Int oblique Figure 14.2 The % MVC causedby each of the postures shown in figure 14.1.A curl-up with the body over a ball and the feet on the floor (figure 14.1cl virtually doubles the abdominal muscle activation seen in a curl-up on a stable surface (figure 14.1al and, correspondingly, the spine load. Note that the 96 MVC required of the three muscles studied is also much higher in curl-ups with the body over a ball and the feet on a bench {figure 14.1 b) and with the body on a wobble board [figure 14.1dl than on a stable surface. Clearly,a gym hell can be wonderful for advanced training but is contraindicated for many patients. —._.—._.______ Figure 14.1 The simple curl-up was assessed for the effect of a labile surface on muscle activation pattemsThe percent of maximal voluntary contrac- tibn [96 MVC) in the rectus abdominis and external and internal obliques caused by simply moving from a stable surface (a) to varying types of labile surfaces (in). (cland {d} is shown in figure 14.2. 20 ...
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