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143cvhealth6 - 61 Stages bf Plaque Develbpment Plaque...

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Unformatted text preview: 61 Stages bf Plaque Develbpment Plaque buildup begins when endpthelial cells lining 1he arteriE are damaged by smblcing, high blbbd pressure, cpridized LDL, and other causes; excess chplesterpl particles cpllect beneath 1hese cells. In respcinse tp the damage, platelet and other types pf cells cpllect at 1he site; a fibrbus cap chrms, isolating the plague within the artery wall. An early—stage plaque is called a fatty slIealc. Chemicals released by cells in and around the plague cause turmerinfiammaticin and buildup; an advanced plague cpniains LDL, white lDlEIDICl cells, cdnnecljye tissue, smppth muscle cells, plateleis, and D'lIhEl' cbmpdunds. FEl'lEjil'll'IEEmflth; Frtand' WEI]: Flfil'l Editidn. Cbpyright Ifi 2|]El3 The lu'chraw—Hill Companies. All rights reserved. ...
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