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Compiled By Tyler Staschuk The power qf the security council could sllowfor the M-rwente of acrions that atign :: :",:"tf;;":#' "i;f ou, h;;;; ;" ;', t t r t ao i, ;"; ;il ;s" rmaq o r o,,, 6r, aro und 9$f:yry Articre s2(1) ---; i^eq*,r*<. j^,,_,r. ;ilTl,}-#:|;il?'#f i*f::}1*1ftffi *"i,n"*arraoe€men*or ;ff i'ff .ff j;*J:,:lhtr:f?Ti:i:ihqr#"fi:Tfi TtrH"ilffiH*"." ;-3;;:::f,?3":o::,:ti1"r";*";#;:ffi ,T#ffi'ffiJI: i,?:ffi::,*dtheiraclivities".,;;;;;;;;ffi ;?ff;ffi ffi ff|.ffiff ff ?* nited Recent Progress Towards legal enshrinement of R2p. .. Faragraphs 138-139 of the world summit outcome Document *#ffit;- ?:fi :,ff fi,#,p issued a reporr on how to impremenr R2p iiifffi "Y:rttr#;tr#JffiT,T#htJg*protecttheirpopurationsrromgenocide,war lr -{ddrerses tre com-Im*;;.;;;#q communirv to provide.assisrance to states in building ;apac'q .o protest rte'popurati"* fr";;;;ide, w1r ;;;";;;illeansing and crimes asamst hum:ni6 and o assisting_p*. *tiri
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