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"LITICAL SCIENCE 373: SPRING 2010 FINAL EXAM: Pf; You are to answe: |1ro questions; one f rom each section. Please doul,'ie-space your answers. A|l un.*.l., should draw on relevant course materials (assigned ieadings and documentary films)' l. Answer ONE question f rom the following section: ==-:'- :-s a;a -3i :n{:aiie arlned conflict economies l-ra'"e crg if- :' :e ::*d;;|a'fr-i =oliitt* nuitOlng-ageldas'--tifese rerain iiarge'r :: ce -ra-fr'.Q'l',1'131i1'oiedothesefactorsplayinresource'lejat3c l:-.;,ff? \\hy do yo, ,uppose that they, as Le Billon suggests' have iargetgnot been Put into Practice? * l.lsHumanSecurityausefultheoreticalconcept?lsitausefulpolicy concept?Addressthecontentionswt-'icharguethatitis.toounwieldy,v.s, those that say it pro.,,ices ano not1lti. .r"O .J*q1tr"'ensl--velPProllh
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Unformatted text preview: to human oevetoprient art well-bbing what are it's advantages and disadvantagur? oo"s lt add anytring useful to,the,{ietd that was not -.."" , '-already addressed by d:r,elop*.ni ,"trdi". and policy, alglradrticna' ,, . .,.* ,_ -f;. .:. - - _t- "TH;;*; r";,i=:, i:;,=-.4 policy appr':2:'e; --: nS ': - - - - - j' :J::,;:'1., '-- '=^>**=o4;t-importan: :--:es:: :' L ' ' ,' that yFile-3- --l:-=-^-:r c iq oiven to adc,':s"s ''t: l-is -s3::-:es Answer ONE qr.restion f rom the following section: , '* -l .''-- L Le Billon : a-,r: ,fr- : =::nomic diversificutiol ull.g:ti:':::::: t' ::.:- ;i': : =- -- =''::s' a' a ^ :-tran-s p-alenUg :o! :tt, l?^' - : f;:: -of iiiSis. ai'"d t;t:El:: / ftorcl Han$:i1,-/r.> \ " :-- " -r' -r 'I , ^.'r irid L{\ )L'-...
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