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Both the Nederveen pieterse and the Richey and Ponte eittictes argue that current preoccupari;;;it"; ;".iti. gtobal ph"no*tna/issues is serving to obscure and perpetuate other' more impoitant' conditions and/or phenomena'Whatarethese,howareitreyneingobscuredandior perpetuated,andwhyaretheymoreimpoitant?Note:thesephenomena werediscussedbymanyauthorsthroughoutthecourse:youarenot timited to discussing onty Nederveen iieterse and Hichey and Ponte' 3. Discuss the relationship between resources and conf ct and development/under-development' ls global inequalitY political economy'
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Unformatted text preview: the unavoidable consequence or the result of bad domestic i: 4. 5,Discusstheroleofexternalandnon.stateactorsincreatingconditionsc. human 'in SecuritY' 6'Somecriticsofhumg.[3131r{grventionarguethatinpracticeitissubject to the interests oi powefrUmerg_evwlsterrjNortl"Il) states, which results in "seleciivity'; uno "double'standa'ds"' Others argue that it is possibte ao ,r.o'nr1'u;. .r;;ot it "'responsibility to protect'with concerns surrounding selectivitv unJ hegemonic state interest and ,ou.ttigntY' Discuss this debate'...
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