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Exam 1 Review (Ch. 1-6)

Exam 1 Review (Ch. 1-6) - Chapter 1 1 Scientific study on...

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Chapter 1 1) Scientific study on how humans develop. It examines processes of stability and change in all domains of development (physical, cognitive, and psychosocial) and throughout all periods of the life span. 2) The Four Goals of Human Development are: a. Describe: When do children say their first word? b. Explain: How do children learn to use language? c. Predict: Will delayed language development affect speech? d. Modify: Can therapy help speech delays? 3) Social construction is a concept or practice that may appear natural and obvious to those who accept it, but in reality is an invention of a particular culture or society. a. Concept of childhood itself can be viewed as a social construction 4) Normative age-graded events: events happen to a majority of people the same age within a given culture or society a. Maturational: menopause b. Social: marriage or parenthood 5) Normative history-graded events: events experienced by most people occupying the same geographical space or culture. Events that shape attitudes of a historical generation.
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