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cc paper three notes - Cultures and Contexts paper...

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Cultures and Contexts paper assignment THREE. Count in The Last Supper -very religious -justifies his actions through concept of God -denies responsibility of his actions, kind of uses God as an excuse for not owning up. Using religion for his benefit. Different thought: different ideology implanted? Catholicism controlling slavery? -speeches: freedom is accepting one’s position in life Manzano in the autobiography generally -lived a lucky slave life -he was a page “personal servant to a master” higher status than other slaves love for his mother -he loves his mother, and she is Christian -when his mother is assaulted, pg 73, he prayed to God. Until he heard the whip, then he attacked the attacker -He prayed that he’d die before his mom would be taken away and when him and his brothers reunited with their mom, the first thing she did was the pray in thanks that she was able to see her children (79) - 105: he sent his money to his mother. Love -111 : again, shows how much he loves his mother. “whoever insults my mother is my enemy.” what he learns God to be -he asks his mother about the mysterious thing someone said to him “I’m going to kill you before you come of age” and his mother asks him to say it again twice, and then said, “God is more powerful than the devil, son” (assertion that even though the words are
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cc paper three notes - Cultures and Contexts paper...

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