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NOTES FROM PROF. LUCHT: The CHEMKIN program files are set up so that you should be able to run CHEMKIN calculations of H2/O2 chemistry by simply clicking on the ckin24.exe icon (in Windows) or typing ckin24.exe (in DOS). I have already run the intp24.exe program to create the needed intp.out and ckin.lnk files. You will want to change the input parameters in mole.inp to run different cases. The tricky part about mole.inp is how to specify whether or not you want to create an output file for a particular species or reaction. I have set up mole.inp to give you output files for temperature and pressure (tp.out) and for the species O, O2, H, H2, N2, HO2, H2O, and OH. The following is a more detailed program description from Prof. C. T. Bowman at Stanford University, who gave me the original disk. NOTES FROM PROF. C. T. BOWMAN: NOTES ON CHEMKIN II (CKIN24) FOR PC: If you have not done so you will want to obtain the CHEMKIN documentation: Kee, R. J., Miller, J. A and Jefferson, T. H., CHEMKIN: A General- Purpose Problem-Independent, Transportable, Fortran Chemical Kinetics Code Package, Sandia National Laboratory Report No. SAND80-8003, 1980. If you are serious about kinetics you will also want the SENKIN documentation and software: Lutz, A. E., Kee, R. J., and Miller, J. A., SENKIN: A Fortran Program for Predicting Homogeneous Gas Phase Chemical Kinetics with Sensiti- vity Analysis, Sandia National Lab. Report No. SAND87-8248, 1988. execution notes: thermo.dat: this is the current sandia thermodynamic library H2_o2.dat: sample input file to intp in format of chemkin manual ** note: all entries in intp input file (including and ESPECIALLY
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course ME 525 taught by Professor Lucth during the Fall '11 term at Purdue University-West Lafayette.

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