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1 ME 525 SP2011 Exam #2 Questions and Answers Exam Date April 7, 2011 Prof. Lucht (E-mail address: [email protected]) Question: Is there a signerror on the equation sheet attached to old exam 2? On page ten the equation for mdot "i,f = -(rho)(Yi)(vi,diff) should the negative actually be there? The solution shown in the problem does not have the negative, and neither does the lecture notes. Answer: You are correct, that is a sign error. I will correct it. Note: I may not be able to correct it for the distance students, I have already handed the exam in to ProEd. Question: I have been going through and trying to make sure I understand the mixture fraction concept. When finding f_stoichiometric, I have found that I can work either on the reactant side or the product side to find the mixture fraction. If I work on the reactant side, f_stoichiometric = Y_fuel (where Y_fuel is the fuel mass fraction). This however, does not seem to be the case if the combustion is not stioichiometric, instead I must work with the product side. Why is this the
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