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1 ME 525 SP2011 Homework #1 Questions and Answers Due Thursday, January 27, 2011 Prof. Lucht (E-mail address: [email protected]) Question: On question 2, are we to assume a temperature to put into the program and on part a) could you please explain what you are looking for us to turn in for this portion of the HW? thank you Answer: The flame is assumed to be adiabatic. HPFLAME assumes that the enthalpy of the reactants and products is the same. On part a I want you to calculate the equilibrium constant using (1) the mole fractions and (2) the standard Gibbs free energies and verify that the equilibrium constants that are calculated in these two ways are equal. Questions: First, do you have TA for this distance course?(include his/her email if there is one) If not, please answer the following questions: For Q.2 HPFLAME routine, I run "Access to HPFLAME software", and it read the input.hp report. I am not sure if the input text file pertains to acetylene/air combustion(?) because it do produce output file which contain the following properties: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flame Temperature [K] = 2210.64 Mixture Enthalpy [J/kg] = -.2816E+06 Mixture Specific Heat, Cp [J/kg-K] = .182404E+04 Specific Heat Ratio, Cp/Cv = 1.2109 Mixture Molecular Weight [kg/kmol] = 26.9694 Moles of Fuel per Mole of Products = .10149051 The mole fractions of the product species are: H: .00066587 O: .00005318 N: .00000001 H2: .01249557 OH: .00142913 CO: .02604837 NO: .00051800 O2: .00034275 H2O: .18943796 CO2: .07544214 N2: .69356704 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Are they the similar result for what you want, i mean the equilibrium properties of the combustion products, right ?? If so, you want us to run couple times for different equivalence ratios at 1 and 10 atm, so there would be probably 8 to 16 input and/or output text files you want to see, right ??? So, should I email them to you in a zip file ???? Answers: 1. Yes I do have a TA for the course. His name is Greg Mitchum and his email is [email protected] .
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2 2. You need to change the input file for acetylene. You must specify the number of C, H, O, and N atoms in the fuel and the enthalpy of formation of the fuel. Here is the input file for stochiometric 1 atm combustion of acetylene: Problem Title: USER SPECIFIES TITLE HERE 2 /CARBON ATOMS IN FUEL 2 /HYDROGEN ATOMS IN FUEL 00 /OXYGEN ATOMS IN FUEL 00 /NITROGEN ATOMS IN FUEL 1.0 /EQUIVALENCE RATIO 2000. /TEMPERATURE (K) (Initial Guess) 101325.0 /PRESSURE (Pa) +226748.0 /ENTHALPY OF REACTANTS PER KMOL FUEL (kJ/kmol fuel) 3. I do not want to see your input and output text files. I do want you to present your homework
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HW1QuestionsAnswersME525SP2011 - 1 ME 525 SP2011 Homework...

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